Телескопична алумилиева лата, Е-образна градуировка, производител Seco

Dual-sided lightweight rod


  • Features a standard ‘E’ pattern
  • Graduations are in centimeters on the front, numbered every 10 cm
  • Height scale is in millimeters on the back
  • Rods come with a level vial and a case
  • Lightweight aluminum sections are in contrasting white, red and black colors and have round springloaded locking buttons

4 m, cm, 1.40 kg
5 m, cm, 1.60 kg

‘E’ Pattern Builder’s Rod Graduated with centimeters on from and millimeters on back


  • Features a standard ‘E’ pattern that is popular worldwide
  • The rods are graduated in centimeters on the front with numbers every 10 cm
  • The scale is in millimeters on the back, numbered every centimeter
  • Aluminum rod is 5 m in height
  • Double graduations allow these rods to be useful for long and short accurate rod readings
  • Rod section is colored white with red and black colors
  • Round spring-loaded locking buttons
  • Comes with a bag and rod level `Weighs 3.50 lb (1.60 kg)