Мини призми

Плъзгаща се мини призма Seco, 25 mm

  • 25 mm sliding prism system features a silver-coated prism with a 0 offset
  • The 12.2 mm OD pin pole features three sections – each 60-cm in length to achieve 1.8 m; each color section (red or white) is 10 cm in length
  • An adjustable 40-minute circular vial is built in to the prism holder
  • The holder easily slides up and down the pole, the knobs lock in height and tilt – they also double as vertical angle targets
  • Other features include a replaceable stainless steel point on the pole, accessory kit with plumb bob hook and cone for attachment to the prism for handheld applications and a system bag
  • Weighs 0.90 kg

Призмена система „Euro-Style“, 0 mm, or -17.5 mm (Nodal) offset

  • 40-minute adjustable vial, white sight cones and a 5/8 x 11 adapter for standard prism poles (for height of 115 mm)
  • All anodized aluminum section lengths are 30 cm
  • A carrying case is also included
  • Weighs 0.73 kg







Мини призми за следене на деформации „L-Bar“, 25mm

  • Perfect for deformation or mining surveys, or places where a permanent mounting is needed `Features a -25 mm offset and comes with 10.3 mm ID mounting hole
  • Assembly is constructed of anodized aluminum and the prism is water and dust proof `Choose between copper-coated or silver-coated prism
  • Weighs 0.20 kg


Мини призмена система с централна либела, 25 mm

  • Here’s a versatile prism system in a small package
  • Assembly features a 25 mm coppercoated prism, for fog prevention, a tilting holder, with friction axis, 0 or -30 mm offset `Includes a 40-min adjustable circular center or side mounted vial
  • Assembly can mounted on a prism pole or tribrach at three heights: 70 mm, 100 mm, 115 mm, or can be hand-held using the plumb bob bracket or with S-hook for quick attachment to plumb bob
  • Also included a point for stake-out work, and a system bag with belt loop
  • Powder painted flo orange `Weighs 0.15 kg